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A Commercial and Home Solar Energy Contractor installing Solar, Battery Energy Storage, and Efficiencies in Missouri and Kansas. Electrical Services Available for your Home or Business. 

Reduce Energy Costs and Go Solar in Confidence with Good Energy Solutions, a SunPower Elite and Commercial Dealer, and Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer.

When you choose Good Energy Solutions, rest assured NABCEP® Certified Professionals are working on your solar investment every step of the way, from sales to design to installation. Our commitment to you is backed by warranties and our desire to be your long-term energy partner offering you continued expertise as technology continues to evolve. Missouri solar rebates and 26% Federal Tax Credit are still available in 2021.

Established in 2007, Good Energy Solutions has over 14 years of quality solar design and installation experience in Kansas City and the surrounding areas of Missouri and Kansas bringing you peace of mind when working with a Top Solar Contractor (2015-2020). Our reputable experience and relationships with utilities make interconnection a breeze. See our Residential and Commercial gallery pages that show our solar installations in Kansas (including Kansas City, Lawrence, Hutchinson, Wichita) and Missouri (including Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Wright City, Knob Knoster, Adrian).

Commercial and Residential Electrical Services

Good Energy Solutions electricians are available to help you with your commercial or home electrical project. Whether it’s the repair of a light switch or wiring of a new build; our experienced electricians have got you covered. It’s important to choose a reliable electrician that will take the time to pay attention to every detail to ensure the job is done right and that your home or business is safe for years to come. Read more about our electrical services team and see residential and commercial electrical projects.

Listed in the “Best of Lawrence” Electrical Services category 2018-2020


Lawrence Kansas Electrician Good Energy Solutions

Residential Home Solar Energy System by SunPower

Good Energy Solutions is the only SunPower Elite Dealer in Kansas and Missouri.

We are proud to have been chosen by SunPower based on our commitment to quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service. SunPower’s world record-setting high-efficiency panels produce more energy than conventional panels, which means customers need fewer panels and less roof space to generate the same amount of energy. Not all solar is the same. SunPower’s Maxeon cells have a thick layer of tin-plated copper on the back that holds the cell together, instead of metal ribbons that expand in heat and contract in the cold. This stress can cause ribbons to disconnect from the cell or the cells to crack, diminishing power production for the entire system. Read more about SunPower.

The owners of this beautiful Kansas home chose Good Energy Solutions to lower their utility bill through energy efficiencies and a SunPower Solar PV (solar electric) system. Watch the video to learn more about the process of home solar installation by Good Energy Solutions and how you can “save kW hours as well as make them”. *30% Federal Tax Credit has expired; 26% Federal Tax Credit is available for residential home solar if operational by Dec 31, 2022. See reviews of home solar installation projects by Good Energy Solutions. See Missouri solar installations and Kansas solar installations


Demand Better Solar by SunPower



Home Solar Installation by Good Energy Solutions

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Batteries Offer Energy Security

‪Recent world events including fires, polar vortexes, and the pandemic have people thinking about energy security. Those that are able to work or study from home are needing a reliable energy source to power their homes with or without solar. Energy Independence is possible when collecting the abundant energy of the sun and storing that energy for reliable back-up power. Watch this video to see how this California couple works from home and chose Tesla batteries for reliable energy security.

‪Good Energy Solutions is a local mid-west company that is knowledgeable of local permitting rules and regulations. The Tesla Powerwall is a powerful solution to reduce costs if your utility uses a demand rate structure. Read more about the Tesla Powerwall. Learn more about our services for homeowners that reduce energy use, manage energy use with batteries, and create clean power from solar. (Eligible for 26% Federal Tax Credit if powered by solar.)

Commercial Business Solar Energy System

Brewery Emperial located in Kansas City, Missouri took advantage of utility rebates and the Federal Tax Credit to help pay for their commercial solar array built in 2019. The array not only creates energy, it offers shelter for customers in their beer garden.

The owner of BOLD, LLC located in Hutchinson, Kansas chose Good Energy Solutions to install their Commercial 200kW solar electric system in 2014. The solar array consists of 768 solar panels and at the time of installation was the largest solar array in Kansas. Watch the video to learn more about the commercial solar installation process and a review of Good Energy Solutions by the owners of BOLD, LLC. Learn more about our solar services for commercial businesses that reduce energy use and create clean power from solar. See case studies and reviews of commercial solar installation projects by Good Energy Solutions.

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OUR MISSION: To provide our customers with the best solutions to reduce their fossil fuel consumption and lower their long term energy costs.

We want to work with you for all of your electrical and renewable energy needs for your home or business. We offer comprehensive consulting and services for electrical, renewable energy and energy management in the central US region including, but not limited to, Kansas and Missouri. Our experienced team provides custom design and installation solutions of Solar Power Energy Systems (Solar Electric/Solar Photovoltaic – PV) Plus, we can help manage your energy use with Energy Audits, Energy Monitoring, LED lighting, Batteries and Generators. Let’s reduce your energy consumption first, so you only create the power you really need. We are “Energy with Integrity.”


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Good Energy Solutions Receives 2020 Top Solar Contractor and Ingrams Magazine Corporate 100

Good Energy Solutions received the 2020 Top Solar Contractor award by Solar Power World. And was recognized by Ingram’s Magazine as a Corporate 100 company.

Good Energy Solutions Receives 2020 Foundation Award and Footprint Impact Award

Good Energy Solutions received the Foundation Award from Lawrence Business Magazine and Cadre Lawrence for company growth;  a 20% increase in employees in 2019. We are also honored to have received the economic “Footprint Impact Award” that recognizes businesses that give back to the community through charities or organizations, and collaborates with other local businesses.

Reduce Solar Demand Rate Charges with a Tesla PowerWall

Kansas Homeowners with Solar are protecting their solar investment with batteries. The Tesla Powerwall stores solar energy instead of feeding it back on to the grid so you can use your solar energy during peak demand times. Call Good Energy Solutions and ask us about the Tesla PowerWall and Time of Use. 

Good Energy Solutions Receives 2019 Top Solar Contractor Award

Good Energy Solutions has been awarded “2019 Top Solar Contractor” by Solar Power World as well as a “Top 100 Commercial Solar Contractor” in the United States. This is the 5th consecutive year that Good Energy Solutions has been a recipient of the award. The award recognizes the achievements of U.S. solar developers, subcontractors and installers by ranking contractors by kilowatts installed in the previous year. 

Brewery Emperial in the Kansas City Crossroads

Brewery Emperial, located in the Crossroads of Kansas City, Missouri is a cool, up-and-coming micro-brewery that caters to a clientele of all ages. The owners knew that solar would offer a way to reduce their energy costs and wanted to take advantage of the KCP&L utility rebate offered in Kansas City. The 26.1kW Solar Canopy consists of 90, 290W solar panels. The array not only creates energy from the sun, but it also increases seating capacity by providing shelter from the hot sun and rain in the backyard beer garden.


Good Energy Solutions Receives The "2019 Kansas Small Business of the Year"

Good Energy Solutions has been awarded the “2019 Business of the Year” from the Small Business Development Center of Kansas. Kevin and Shana Good attended the ceremonies at the Kansas Capitol Building in Topeka to receive the award and hear the proclamations in the House and Senate chambers. The Small Business Development Center at the University of Kansas is an incredible resource for business development for new and existing businesses.

SunPower Residential Solar Array

A SunPower solar energy system is the perfect solar solution for customers that are interested in longevity. Good Energy Solutions is a SunPower Elite Dealer.

“Good Energy Solutions delivered an outstanding experience from initial quoting process through installation, activation and support. The entire crew is friendly and professional, and works hard to address all issues and deliver the best solution. We particularly liked their use of the SunPower technology and their ability to also install a whole house backup generator. We would to it all over again with Good Energy Solutions if the opportunity presented itself.” — Pascal Lutz, Home Owner

Central Presbyterian in Kansas City, Missouri goes Solar

Central Presbyterian is located in midtown of Kansas City, Missouri. They chose Good Energy Solutions to install their 88.32kW SunPower Commercial Solar Energy System that consists of 256 345W X-Series Modules.

“The representatives from Good Energy Solutions were sensitive to our needs, carefully considered the age of our building and were respectful of the sacred nature and history of our Church…When engineers identified a structural challenge, Good Energy Solutions worked closely with us to provide an alternative panel design that would provide the projected kW hours and remain within our budget.  The 25-year warranty on a product made in the USA was a big consideration in our decision to move forward.”

Good Energy Solutions, Electrical Services voted in the Top 3 of Best of Lawrence.

“Good Energy Solutions is honored to have been selected by the people of Lawrence, KS and placed in the top 3 for Electrical Services for two years.” (2018, 2019)

ES Lighting Chooses Good Energy Solutions to Go Solar.

A SunPower solar energy system is the perfect solar solution for customers that are interested in longevity. ES Lighting is a family owned operation and the solar investment will benefit generations to come and make the business more sustainable in the future. The system will also help shade the roof of the building from the hot Kansas sunshine during the summer, effectively lowering air conditioning loads immediately.

“The Good Energy Solutions team were invaluable in their knowledge answering all my questions to help make the decision for ES Lighting to go solar. My long term goals for improving the infrastructure of the building, reducing utility and maintenance cost, while maximizing the return on my investment was a decision Matt and Kevin helped facilitate. ES Lighting as a locally owned and operated company believes in supporting our local community by buying local and using local tradesman. Good Energy has the same philosophy and showed that by using local contractors and suppliers for our project.” — Grant Lechtenberg, Head Light Bulb, ES Lighting

Ground Mount SunPower Residential Solar Array

Not all residential roofs are ideal for solar. A Ground-Mount Solar array is a great solution for some homeowners. Good Energy Solutions is a SunPower Elite Dealer.

“Working with Good Energy Solutions to install my solar panel system proved to be a good choice. The process is lengthy and requires coordination of many groups, including those internal to Good Energy and external entities, including the site/installation inspectors and the power company. From my initial meeting with their salesperson, through the physical install, and on to the final go live date, the Good Energy staff were very engaged in their work and always responsive to my questions about the product and/or process. Good Energy staff were both technically knowledgeable and did a good job of managing the project.” — Shelley Homan, Home Owner

Commercial Solar Installation in Topeka, Kansas

Working with Good Energy Solutions, Kent was able to save money on his electric bill by making his office building more energy efficient with high efficiency blowers and installing a 43.7kW Solar PV array on the roof. Good Energy Solutions designed and installed the system consisting of (168) 260W PV panels.

“Our savings is right in line with what was proposed. I will be recommending Good Energy Solutions to my colleagues.” — Kent Hollins. Owner, Office Building

Good Energy Solutions Receives the 25 Under 25 Award

Good Energy Solutions received the 25 Under 25 Award® from Thinking Bigger Business Media at the 2018 25 Under 25 Award Ceremony Gala. The Kansas City based award recognized Good Energy Solutions as one of best small businesses in Kansas City. Out of 1,400 nominations, 25 businesses with fewer than 25 employees were selected to receive the award. Each winner demonstrated financial strength, the ability to overcome adversity and challenges, and a commitment to the community and a powerful company vision.

Solar Awnings at the Topeka, Kansas Zoo

Solar Awnings provide shelter and collect energy with high efficient solar panels by SunPower.

Good Energy Solutions Celebrates 10 Years of Business

We celebrated our ten year milestone with a ribbon cutting ceremony through the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce on December 14, 2017 at our business location 641 E. 22nd Street in Lawrence, KS. We will hold a “Throw the Switch on Another 10 Years” celebration party for customers and the community on April 7th, 2018.

“Because of our commitment to quality, integrity, and our customers’ happiness, we celebrate our ‘10 years of Business’ milestone” said President, Kevin Good. “In 2017, Good Energy Solutions once again received the Solar Power World ‘Top 500 Solar Contractor’ award and achieved ‘Elite Dealer’ and ‘Commercial Dealer’ for SunPower, the top solar manufacturer in the market. This year, our employee count has increased to over 20 people and we worked for over 500 customers. In February, we’ll be awarded the 2018 ‘25 under 25’ business award from Thinking Bigger Business magazine for up-and-coming small businesses in the Kansas City region.”

Good Energy Solutions Receives The 2016 BBB Integrity Award

Our Team stands under our solar awning at our office in Lawrence, Kansas to accept the 2016 BBB Integrity Award. We received the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Integrity Award at an award ceremony in September. We were recognized with the BBB flame – a crystal and special meals provided by BBB. The Award focuses on demonstrated ethical business practices with key stakeholders including customers, employees and community at large, rather than a company’s growth, profitability or popularity. Integrity Award Winners are chosen by an independent panel of judges consisting of Wichita business leaders and members of the academic community.

“We are flattered to receive this prestigious award from the Better Business Bureau”, stated Kevin Good, President of Good Energy Solutions, Inc. “This honor represents the high quality of our employees and the ideals that we built our company’s foundation upon.”

Our Solar Installation Team with Satisfied Customer

Our Customer from Kechi, Kansas stands with our Solar Installation crew in front of his 14.4kW ground mount SunPower solar array.

Residential SunPower Solar PV Installation by Good Energy Solutions

This Customer is creating electricity daily with their solar electric pv system.

Pittsburg State Plaster Center Solar Installation

The solar installation at Pittsburgh State has 28 modules on the roof and four modules on a pole mount ground array.

Solar Awning at the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama

This solar awning has 276 solar modules and create a unique space to host outdoor events at the Birmingham Zoo. This 32′ x 160′ array produces 90kW hours of electricity every year, which is equivalent to the yearly energy use of 10 homes, and will annually save 45 tons of coal.

25kW Solar PV System on a Church

This Solar pv system uses 96 solar modules and 2 11.4kW Inverters. It generates roughly 34,000kW hours a year.

14.388kW Ground Mount Residential SunPower Solar Array

This large family with high electric bills chose SunPower?s quality because they like the long term product warranty and that only SunPower offers.

50kW Solar PV System Midland Radio Corporation

This Kansas City, Missouri company chose Good Energy Solutions to install their 50kW PV system (two 25kW arrays) on their warehouses because of our attention to their specific needs. This system paid for itself within 5 years.

9.1kW Solar PV Agricultural System on a Small Barn

This Agricultural project will average over 1,000 kWh per month for the next 25+ years. Agricultural Solar projects may benefit from the REAP program. Ask your Good Energy Solutions representative for details.