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Solar Awning by Good Energy Solutions

Quality LEDs with Long Warranties Reduce Energy Costs for Your Home and Business

Good Energy Solutions is your source for quality LEDs that last. At $.11/kWh and 12 hours per day, LEDs will pay for themselves in about 1 year, and require no replacement costs for 5 years.

LED lights are becoming more popular and easily found at most big box stores. Good technology and affordable pricing have come together enabling consumers to afford top quality LED lamps and fixtures at a reasonable price.

LEDs at Home:

Consumers in the residential market can now benefit by lowering their monthly bills without compromising aesthetics. LED lights are now available in a variety of shapes including the appearance of an incandescent light bulb. LEDs also come in a variety of color temperatures (warm, sunlight, natural, cool) to create the perfect atmosphere for home use.

LEDs for Business:

The benefits for commercial business owners are even more appealing. LEDs are very compatible with retrofits/redesigns providing a fresh look to a building while simultaneously reducing the electric bill. Not only do LEDs require less energy to light up a business they also generate very low heat resulting in an additional savings in cooling costs. Finally, because LEDs rarely need to be replaced, building maintenance costs are lowered as well.

We Sell and Install LEDs that have longer warranties than most LEDs on the market.

When applicable, Good Energy Solutions may encourage for a commercial property the use of a patented LED that directs light in a more consistent luminous manner. Light is directed evenly toward the work surface eliminating dark areas in-between lights common to other manufacturers LEDs. Users can expect 100,000 hours (equivalent to 12 hours a day for 23 years) of LED life. Patented LEDs are shown to have a longer lifespan than competitors products and therefor are fully warranted for 5 years.



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Good Energy Solutions, Inc. is a full service energy partner that is able to provide comprehensive consulting and services in electrical, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management in the central US region. Founded in 2007, Good Energy Solutions has earned a reputation of reliable service, expertise, and quality through commercial and residential installations of Solar and Wind. Good Energy Solutions is "Energy with Integrity".

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