A Solar Powered Water Pump can be a powerful addition to any agricultural endeavor, big or small.

For example, the community of Herington, KS is now able to water their community garden for FREE with a little help from the sun and gravity. Clean well water is pumped by the power of two 135kW solar panels attached to a water pump. The pumped water is held in a 1500 Gallon tank and gravity is then used to water the garden. Clean energy and clean water combined together to grow clean food for the community.

Solar Powered Water Pump

Solar Powered Pump. Well water is pumped to the Herington, KS Community Garden.


Solar power also offers flexibility where a source of traditional power may not be available. Small solar panels can be used to power small water pumps for backyard gardens. Bigger solar arrays can be put on land that can not be farmed and used to collect energy to run irrigation pumps. Solar Panels on out buildings creates a remote power source for electric farm equipment.

Owners of businesses that are in a rural setting with less than 50,000 people may benefit from the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).  The program offers grants to rural small businesses to help pay for installed renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements. The program pays 25% of the cost in addition to any federal or state incentives/rebates. Funds may be used for the purchase, installation and construction of renewable energy systems such as: biomass, geothermal, wind, and solar. Energy Efficiency improvements include: HVAC, insulation, lighting, solar or gravity pumps, replacement of energy-inefficient equipment.

As far as the other 10 Solar Energy Uses, Check out the article by Timothy Thiele “Top 10 Solar Energy Uses” which lists the top 10 as:

  1. Solar Powered Ventilation
  2. Heat Swimming Pools With Solar Energy
  3. Solar Energy Can Heat Your Water
  4. Solar Energy Can Heat Your Home
  5. Power Pumps With Solar Energy
  6. Solar Energy For Battery Charging
  7. Power Your Home With Solar Energy
  8. Solar Energy For Cooking
  9. Solar Energy For Indoor Lighting
  10. Solar Energy Used For Outdoor Energy

Good Energy Solutions can help you with any of the solar applications on the top 10 Solar Energy Use list. However, we encourage you not to limit the possibilities to the top ten list. We can help you determine if you qualify for the REAP program and want to become your energy partner.  Let’s work together to creatively find custom energy solutions that work for you. Whether it be for your home, business, farm or community garden, consider the use of solar power to pump water for irrigation, water gardens, pools, fountains, etc. In fact, the use of solar power in both the rural and urban settings is endless.