It’s been an exciting couple of days here in Lawrence, Ks. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, paid us a visit today and spoke of his roots in Kansas and Solar.

It has been over 100 years since a president in office has visited our fair city. Thousands of people gathered hopeful to catch a glimpse of the President as he was escorted through the streets on his way to the University of Kansas’ Anschutz Sports Pavilion where he spoke on everything from his roots in Kansas, to solar power.

When the President spoke at the State of the Union address two days ago, he exclaimed, “…today, America is No. 1 in oil and gas. America is No. 1 in wind power. Every three weeks, we bring online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008.” How cool is that?

The U.S. Energy Department says that the nation’s capacity for generating energy from wind, has increased from 25,410 Megawatts in 2008 to 62,300 Megawatts as of September 2014. Many energy reports say that the US trails China in total wind energy capacity. But the key is there’s a difference between capacity (what CAN BE produced) and generation (what ACTUALLY IS produced). A report by the American Wind Energy Association said the electrical energy actually being produced is currently greater in the United States than it is in China, and has been since 2008.

Here at Good Energy Solutions, we are proud to be contributing to the US success rate in renewable energy. Take a look at some of our installations and see how much energy they have each produced so far.

BOLD Solar Array In Kansas

BOLD LLC’s solar array seen from the southeast corner of their warehouse rooftop

200kW Commercial PV System Installed for BOLD, LLC. in July, 2014

Lifetime of Energy Produced: 156.14MWh.
Enough energy to power  approximately 15 households for a full year.
CO2 Savings: Equivalent of 2,120 trees planted.
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40kW Commercial Solar Array

WESTAR’S 40kW Commercial Solar Array

40kW Commercial PV System Installed for Westar Service Center in Aug, 2014

Lifetime of Energy Produced: 20.35MWh.
Enough energy to power 61,667.25 Light Bulbs for a day.
CO2 Savings: Equivalent of 793.66 trees planted.
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5.886kW Residential Solar System

5.886kW Residential Solar PV System

5.886kW Residential PV System Installed in Missouri in October, 2014

Lifetime of Energy Produced: 1.12MWh.
Enough energy to power 3,406.63 Light Bulbs for a day.
CO2 Savings: Equivalent of 43.84 trees planted.