Micro Cracks Affect Solar Panel Performance

February 22, 2018

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Micro cracks are small cracks in solar cells that are impossible to see with the naked eye but really impact the performance of your solar energy system and investment.   

Most solar cells are comprised of very thin silicon wafers, usually around 0.20mm thick. The wafers have some ability to flex, but simple pressure or stress can induce micro-cracks. Micro cracks can be caused by poor handling of the solar cells during assembly (usually through non automated systems). Some manufacturers test solar panels with Infra-Red scanning cameras that detect and isolate micro cracked cells during processing. Testing panels before leaving the factory or manufacturing plant reduces poor performance of modules out in the field, however micro-cracks can still occur during transport or installation.

To reduce the possibility of micro-cracks its important that panels are protected with quality packing and careful handling. In transit vibration as well as possible shock damage from improperly handled or dropped modules can create cracks. Newbies in the solar industry often unknowingly create micro-cracks by throwing boxes of gear on top of stacked panels or even balancing panels on their head as they walk towards a ladder. Standing or kneeling on panels during installation is also a contributor to micro-cracks.

Cheaper solar panels are even more susceptible to micro-cracks as manufacturers figure out ways to cut costs. Silicone wafers, protective glass, and aluminum frames get thinner and thinner to reduce material costs. SunPower’s module frames are 46mm or 1.8 inches black anodized (Class 1, the highest rating my AAMA, American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association) compared to some conventional modules with frames that range as low as 31mm.  Stronger frames help reduce stress from torsional loads such as wind that can damage the cells in conventional technology. Be sure to look at the solar panel manufacturers spec sheet to see frame specifications.

SunPower solar panels are made differently. Other manufacturers have recently started to make solar panels that look like SunPower’s because they are now putting the connectors on the back of the solar cell. Connectors on the back increase efficiency due to less shading on top of the cell, but the cells themselves are still just as susceptible to micro-cracks. SunPower Maxeon solar cells are inherently more robust than conventional cells in real-world conditions because of the integrated solid copper back.  The solid copper design ensures contact across the entire cell, keeps the solar cells in place, and actually strengthens the cell. If a micro-crack should occur, the cell is still in perfect contact with the copper that conducts the energy,  effectively designing the negative effects of micro cracks out of the module.  Cell strength combined with high-quality SunPower panel glass and frame makes SunPower cells virtually immune to micro-cracks in real world conditions.


SunPower Maxeon Cell vs Conventional and micro cracks

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