Solar Tariff is Only a Speed Bump

Solar Tariff is Only a Speed Bump

January 23, 2018

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The decision regarding a Solar Tariff was finalized yesterday, Jan 22nd.

President Trump decided to impose the solar tariff on imported solar cells and modules. The 30% tariff pertains only to the solar cells and modules, so the increase in completely installed solar system prices will be effectively increased by 10% or less. You can read more about this decision in this message from the Solar Energy Industries Association:  

 “We see this as yet another speed bump in the road to the inevitable standardization of solar technologies for our country and humanity as a whole”, said Kevin Good, President and Owner of Good Energy Solutions. “The costs of fossil fuel energy sources will continue to rise, yet solar remains a viable alternative with little to no maintenance costs and abundant free fuel from the sun. Even with the slight increase in installed prices from this tariff, the prices are still leaps and bounds cheaper than even five years ago”.

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