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Solar for Your Business

Combine Solar with Efficiencies and Pay Less Than Your Current Energy Bill.

We Make The Cost of Solar Power Cash Flow Positive for Your Commercial Business.

Have you been thinking about Solar for your business or farm but figured it was too expensive?

Money and Solar Panels

Good Energy Solutions can install a Solar Electric System combined with Energy Efficiencies that will actually cost LESS than what you are currently paying for your power and energy. A 5 or 7 year lease with No Money Down enables energy bill and maintenance savings. And with the REAP program, Solar for your Farm is Affordable.


Plus, Good Energy Solutions is a SunPower Commercial Dealer so we can offer you the choice of the most efficient solar panels in the solar industry with the longest warranties for your business. View this video to see how solar for your business works:

Commercial Solar Installation

READ More about the BOLD, LLC Commercial Solar Electric System Installation and other commercial solar installations by Good Energy Solutions.


Good Energy Solutions Offers Quality Efficiencies Options That Reduce Your Commercial Energy Use:

As your Energy Partner, Good Energy Solutions can perform an Energy Audit to determine which energy efficiences will have the most impact on reducing your energy use. Efficiencies like LEDs, HVAC, and Insulation plus a Solar Electric System reduce maintenance costs, offer stability from rising utility energy costs, reduce peak demand charges, and reduce cooling costs.

  • LED Lighting. This technology has come of age. LEDs require half of the power or less for the same light output. This is long life equipment that reduces maintenance costs dramatically as well. ROI of 1-3 years. Learn More about LEDs or see a Commercial LED installation.
  • Permanent magnet, smart motors for pumps, blowers, refrigeration, HVAC and process equipment. These use about half or less of the power as older technology motors. The older the existing equipment, the more energy and power savings is possbile. Ramps up to speed to prevent demand spikes. ROI of 1-3 years.
  • General Efficiencies such as air sealing insulation, window films and roofing systems. ROI is typically less than 2 years.

A combination of the efficiencies will almost always return your investment in 3 to 5 years or less, or provide a cashflow positive scenario with a financed project. This is a stable investment with a better return than most conservative investment vehicles. All buildings and electric rate structures provide unique opportunities and require custom solutions. We can help provide you the knowledge to make an educated business decision. Then we can design, procure, install and maintain your investment for it's lifetime.


Solar Plus Efficiencies is a Cash Flow Positive Solution for Your Bus iness


Solar PV:


60kW System: $191,935


31kW System: $106,429


30% Federal ITC:

5 Yr Accelerated Depreciation:





Monthly Payment:

5 Yr Avg Monthly Income:















Energy costs for operating businesses continue to increase, as clean energy initiatives are mandated for the electrical utility's fossil fueled generation facilities. The recent cost increases over the last decade have been substantial and consistent, and there is a continued effort to reduce carbon based emissions in general and fossil fuel usage more specifically. The federal clean power plan will force utilities to increase efficiences and reduce carbon emmissions through at least 2030, and this will put additional upward pressure on utility prices. These factors have created a need for businesses to control the excessive increases in overhead energy costs. To do nothing will, in effect, cost a business more for power and energy year over year.


Why are Efficiencies and Renewable Energy Systems like Solar Electric More Affordable Than Before?

New and Improved technologies that reduce energy use and energy systems like Solar that create energy are now more affordable in the marketplace for following reasons:

  • Improved Efficiencies in Technologies.
  • Extreme price drops in the high tech equipment due to economies of scale in manufacturing.
  • Incentives from federal and local authorities to promote the reduction in fossil fuel energy use.
  • Annual increases in utility rates virtually every year.
  • Availability for capital for financing energy projects.


Let's get started managing your companies energy use and create energy for your business with Solar.

We are your "go-to" company for energy management, storage, and creation. Let's get started by identifying the fastest way to use less energy, and begin to create your own clean energy. Contact us today to get started.

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Good Energy Solutions, Inc. is a full service energy partner that is able to provide comprehensive consulting and services in electrical, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management in the central US region. Founded in 2007, Good Energy Solutions has earned a reputation of reliable service, expertise, and quality through commercial and residential installations of Solar and Wind. Good Energy Solutions is "Energy with Integrity". Read More about our team, mission, history, and commitment to quality.

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