Electric Car and Solar

Charge your Electric Vehicle with Solar

There’s an electric buzz of discussion when it comes to the growth of the Electric Car Industry.

In fact, there is expected to be a surge in the purchase of electric vehicles in the next decade. If you watched the Superbowl last Sunday you probably saw the commercial for BMW’s first 100%-electric car claiming to be the lightest electric car on the market while maintaining safety do to its carbon fiber body.

Different car designs are available depending on your needs, desires, and pocket book. Ranging from the Renault Twizy which was the 10th best-selling car in Europe and appears to have the look of a space-age golf cart to the Tesla Model S selling as a luxury/performance car. Despite Tesla’s high price tag it was the 2nd or 3rd best selling electric car worldwide in 2013. Due to it’s battery capability, the Tesla Model S has a range of 208 miles which by far exceeds the competition.

As technology continues to lengthen battery life, electric cars will be able to travel greater distances. As costs continue to lower the demand for electric cars will definitely continue to rise. Of course, there are the neigh sayers that claim that Electric Cars do nothing to help the environment as the cars create a higher demand for electricity – that of which is created by burning coal.

The answer – a photovoltaic solar power system. A grid-tied Solar PV system that captures power from the sun can be used to power your car or used in your home. Any energy that you do not use can be sent back to the power company and credited to your electric (fuel) bill. Free Fuel from the Sun!

Some EV owners have chosen to install Solar Carports. The solar panels collect power from the sun while simultaneously providing shelter for the vehicle. A battery based system can store power and an integrated charging station can support faster charging at home. If the roof of your garage is south facing, nix the carport and put the panels on the roof.

Companies are already integrating charging stations and solar carports into their building plans. “Charging while parked” encourages EV owners to shop at particular shopping districts while fueling up for free. Or as an additional perk, employees may charge their car at work for free.

Currently, it may be difficult to plan your next road trip with free fuel. But it is possible to take a road trip in your EV. Companies are creating charging stations similar to the more familiar gas station in which you may “pay-as-you-go” or use a “monthly subscription” to charge your vehicle. Tesla has already installed 373 Supercharger stations with 2,016 Supercharges located across the US.

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