Good Energy Solutions, in association with Alabama Power and TradeWind Energy has begun construction on a 70 kW solar awning for Alabama’s Birmingham Zoo.


Birmingham Zoo installs a solar awning

The large solar awning array will employ 276 1SolTech solar modules and 6 SMA inverters.

construction of the solar awning

The crane stands ready to deliver truss beams over the zoo’s roof onto the pergola.

A unique solar installation, the large array will be installed on top of an existing 20 foot tall pergola, and will require the addition of thirteen, 1000 lb. truss beams to the existing structure. Once the new truss beams are in place, the solar modules and racking system will be installed and will cover an area of 32’ by 160’. When completed, the array will be sealed to make it rain proof, enabling the Birmingham Zoo to host outdoor events beneath their new solar roof.

construction of the solar awning

A 1,000 pound truss beam prepares to land on the pergola.

The 70 kW solar array will produce 90 kWh hours of electricity every year, which is equivalent to the yearly energy use of 10 homes, and will annually save 45 tons of coal.

The solar awning is ready for panels

Ready for solar modules.

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