Make Your Company Green with KCPL RebatesCommercial businesses in Kansas City may quality for KCPL Solar Rebates and Incentive programs and not even know it!

At Good Energy Solutions we want to share our expertise to create energy savings for customers and a healthier planet for all. We have recently learned that KCPL has money remaining in their incentive program for commercial businesses to lower their energy use. That’s right, businesses in Kansas City may quality for KCPL Rebates and Incentive Programs.

Commercial Business Owners located within a specific region of the KCPL service area qualify for rebates on Solar PV Systems.

An additional KCPL Rebate pays up to 50% of the installation cost of LED Lighting, Energy Management Systems, and Solar PV. Plus, businesses can save an additional 40-70% off of their energy bills when using these types of renewable energy products.

It’s a free system with the added benefit of tremendous energy savings for years to come.  Let Good Energy Solutions help you determine if your commercial business is eligible for KCPL Solar Rebates and incentives. Rebate programs expire soon so please call 1-800-554-9182 for a no obligation consultation.

UPDATE: Call Good Energy Solutions to verify if there is any money left for KCPL Rebates. Good Energy Solutions can still offer energy efficiencies and solar installation which could cost less than you are currently paying on your monthly utility bill. Give us a call and let us help you determine how you can use less energy and generate your own clean energy with solar.