Updated: 11/07/2019

Purchase your home solar energy system from an experienced local solar installation company to ensure your investment is designed and installed correctly.

Since the first publication of this article, the solar industry has continued to grow. This is fantastic news as solar energy is a major contributor to a cleaner environment for our future. Rebates and incentive programs continue to help make solar more affordable for businesses and homeowners. However, with these programs comes an increase in the number of companies that advertise to sell solar, only to subcontract installations out to companies that install for the lowest price.  As a consumer, it may be difficult to fully understand the qualifications the subcontractors hold.

It’s important for prospective solar purchasers to do their due diligence to make sure that they are purchasing their solar energy system from an experienced company that will be available to service the installation; if need be, way after the rebate programs and marketing companies have disappeared.

When you choose a company like Good Energy Solutions, a local experienced solar installation company, you can rest assured that your system will meet all required city fire codes, city ordinances, and building permit requirements. 7 NABCEP® Certified PV Professionals on our staff ensure that your solar energy system (investment) is designed and installed properly. We guarantee our solar installations to work with production and performance warranties that back up our service. Good Energy Solutions is a SunPower Elite Dealer, which means that homeowners have 1 warranty, the 25-year complete confidence warranty that covers the solar energy system, not just the panels. If something should go wrong, Good Energy Solutions is here to help. Established in 2007, Good Energy Solutions has been installing solar in Kansas and Missouri and continues to strive to give the solar industry a good name.

Original Post: 03/25/2016

The cost of solar has plummeted over the last couple of years making it more affordable for consumers than ever before. (As much as 53% since 2014) It’s exciting, more consumers can now afford to control their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. The solar industry boom, like any rising trend, has created opportunity for both consumers and for marketing companies.  One such trend is Lead Generation marketing. Lead-generation websites that target solar customers with the promise of lower solar costs may be from a marketing company that has never installed a single solar panel.

Think of the lead-generation websites as middlemen that earn money off of each lead generated. 

Not every website is sinister. There are some out there that educate the public on the industry and serve the industry with a positive purpose. Others, unfortunately, serve no purpose except to make money off of leads that are acquired by selling them to multiple installation companies. Consumers who enter their name and phone number or email are bombarded by numerous solar installation companies that have purchased the lead. The fine print on the website reads that the consumer accepts marketing emails and phone calls for a year – and in some cases from more than just the solar installation company. Harassment for a year? Sure, sign me up…(that’s sarcasm folks) In most cases, the lead is a dead-end. The cost of dead-end leads, or overhead, is then recuperated by the cost of the sold solar installation – YOUR COST.

Some lead-generation sites create bid wars between installation companies. The job goes to the lowest bid. Uneducated solar consumers can easily be enticed by lower bids not understanding the difference between the bids. (Read more about how to compare bids) Quality, Warranty, Performance, Installation, and type of inverters and panels are all factors that contribute to the bid price. Please make sure you understand exactly why one bid is lower than another before assuming it’s a good deal.

At Good Energy Solutions most of our leads come from word of mouth or submissions through our website. We ask for specific information on our contact information page so that we can better serve your needs. Our commitment to quality reaches further than our customers – it reaches to the industry. We are dedicated to educating consumers so that their experience with the Solar Industry is positive. Read more about our companies history and mission.