New Year's RESolutions

Reduce energy costs and create your own clean energy in 2016

We want to help you reach your New Year’s RESolution goal of saving money on energy costs in the year of 2016 with Renewable Energy Solutions.

We can help you reduce your energy use and cost with energy monitoring and LEDs. Once your energy costs are down then it makes to sense to design a custom sized solar or wind system so you can create your own clean energy.

Energy monitoring is the first step to determine which devices use the most energy so that you can make an educated decision on which appliances to replace or repair. Good Energy Solutions offers an energy monitoring system that we install in your electrical panel that sincs with either a smartphone app or website so that you can monitor your home’s power use in real time. Other features of the Home Energy Monitor include:

  • Bill Forecasting. Allows you to see what your projected bill will be, before it arrives. You can also set your budget and be alerted when you are trending over it.
  • “Always On” Score. Helps you reduce your Always On or Phantom power which is one of the highest monthly costs. And, allows you to see your consumption history over the day, week, month or year.
  • Energy Saving Tips. Gives you some tips on areas you can reduce your energy use.
  • Monitor Your Solar System. By monitoring both generation and consumption, you can see what your net consumption is and how much money your solar investment is saving you.

For a quick return on investment. Good Energy Solutions recommends switching to LED lights. LED replacement “can lights” not only offer savings in energy costs because the LED uses less energy but also saves money on heating costs. The “can light” creates a seal that eliminates heat loss into the attic. We have high quality options to get this done for you and all of our LEDs come with a 5 year full warranty. No need to buy another light for at least 5 years, and likely much longer.

Once you reduce your energy use it’s time to consider creating your own clean energy. Some solar installation companies business models install the most solar on a roof that can fit. This simply doesn’t make sense for the homeowner. Why pay for extra solar panels that you do not need? Reduce your energy costs first so that you can install less solar later – leaving you with peace of mind and more money in your wallet! Good Energy Solutions customizes solar solutions that meet your needs. We are an authorized dealer for SunPower Solar modules – the most efficient solar panels on the market. If a less expensive module/panel fits better into your budget we can customize a system using other panels as well. If your property is a candidate for wind we can install a wind power or hybrid solar/wind system. Ultimately, we want to supply the renewable energy system that works best with your property to meet your needs.

  • Whether for your home or business, let us help you reach your energy goals in 2016. Contact us to get started monitoring your energy use and reducing energy costs immediately.  Visit our website to learn more about our services, installations, and satisfied customers.
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Neurio Home Energy Monitoring System Installed by Good Energy Solutions

Reduce your Home Energy Costs with a Home Energy Monitoring System