Midland Radio Corporation 50kW Solar PV System – Kansas City, Missouri

Solar Installation at Midland Radio by Good Energy Solutions



With an eye towards reducing energy costs now and keeping them low in the future, Midland Radio looked into adding solar to the roof of their warehouse. Midland Radio is constantly adapting with the ever-changing communications industry, so it was no surprise that they went solar way ahead of the curve in Kansas in 2007.

The Solution

In 2007, Good Energy Solutions designed and installed two 25kW solar pv arrays consisting of 212 235W PV panels on the warehouses of Midland Radio Corporation. The established high tech company chose Good Energy Solutions over the competition because of our attention to their specific needs.

Customer Benefit

Within 5 years, the system paid for itself through energy savings. Solar now offsets 21% of Midland Radio’s electricity needs, saving them $7,000 per year in electricity costs.


Quick Facts

Size of System Size of System: 49.82kW
Installation Type Installation Type: Roof Mount
Number of Panels Number of Panels: 212
Estimated Annual Output Estimated Annual Output: 70,000kWh


“Not only does Midland become more sustainable by using less energy, but we also save money that can be allocated toward improving and advancing the technology of our products. Everybody wins” — Dan Devling. President, Midland Radio.

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