Circle S Ranch

Located in Kansas uses LEDs to Reduce Energy Use
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LEDs at Circle S Ranch. Lawrence, Kansas

Circle S Ranch Dance Hall and LED Lighting by Good Energy Solutions

Circle S Ranch and Country Inn, (see above) is a bed and breakfast/event venue that is now benefitting from LED lights that reduce their energy costs. Events such as weddings require just the right atmosphere. We were able to find LEDs that created the right color of light for ambiance and the right amount of decor to fit perfectly in the event space.


Replace fluorescent bulbs with LEDs

Fluorescent bulbs use a lot of energy.

We replaced the fluorescent bulbs with LED retrofits without having to replace the fixtures. The LEDs not only use less energy to light a room they also create less heat, reducing cooling costs.




LEDs and Fluorescents burn side by sideFluorescent and LED side by side comparison.

Even though LEDs use less energy, you can see how efficient they are at producing light. This side by side image shows the LEDs on the left and the fluorescent on the right.


We installed well over 200 lights in the facility. Some locations were very hard to reach, and the bulbs replaced had been out for some time. Circle S Ranch plans to have a solar array installed in the future. We initially quoted a 50kW system, but after the lighting changes, they only need 40kW!

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