Commercial 43.7kW Solar PV System in Topeka, Kansas

Commercial Solar Array Installation by Good Energy Solutions in Topeka, Kansas

This is an all electric office building located in Topeka, Kansas. The business owner was able to reduce energy use with high efficiency blowers in their HVAC system installed by Good Energy Solutions and now creates his own clean energy with solar.



Kent Hollins, the owner of an all electric building located in Topeka, KS was experiencing extremely high electric bills and was concerned about the continued increase in cost of electricity.

The Solution

Working with Good Energy Solutions, Kent was able to save money on his electric bill by making his office building more energy efficient with high efficiency blowers and installing a 43.7kW Solar PV array on the roof. Good Energy Solutions designed and installed the system consisting of (168) 260W PV panels.

Customer Benefit

Solar now offsets 30% of the buildings electricity needs, saving him $5,600 per year in electricity costs.


Quick Facts

Size of System Size of System: 43.7kW
Installation Type Installation Type: Roof Mount
Number of Panels Number of Panels: 168
Estimated Annual Output Estimated Annual Output: 53,800kWh
Estimated Annual Output HVAC System: 9 Blower Units


HVAC and LED Solutions

In addition to going solar, Good Energy Solutions installed 9 Blower units that made the HVAC blower systems more energy efficient. The permanent magnet motor drives save about 50% of the energy to move conditioned air throughout the building.

In 2015 the owner reduced the energy use by installing LED lighting. Before the LEDs were installed, the energy use was over 198,000kWh with bills totaling over $26,000.

Customer Benefit

Between 2014-2017, there have been two rate hikes, and the new annual energy usage is expected to be around 94,000kWh. Even with two rate hikes since 2014, the bills should be around $11,000.

LED lighting is a low cost way to reduce electricity usage. In addition to reducing electricity usage, LED lights require less maintenance because they last longer than fluorescents. Good Energy Solutions believes that applying multiple solutions, such as Solar + LEDs and/or HVAC blower systems is the best way to reduce electricity bills.

With the help of Good Energy Solutions, The office building now offsets 80% of it’s energy and is able to provide an electric car charging station.

“Our savings is right in line with what was proposed. I will be recommending Good Energy Solutions to my
 — Kent Hollins. Owner, Office Building

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