26.1kW Solar Canopy for Brewery Emperial in Kansas City, Missouri


Brewery Emperial, located in the Crossroads of Kansas City, Missouri is a cool, up-and-coming micro-brewery that caters to clientelle of all ages. They knew that solar would offer a way to reduce their energy costs and wanted to take advantage of the KCP&L utility rebate offered in Kansas City. However, their building was not ideal for solar on the rooftop because of limited space. The brewery also needed an overhead cover for their customers seated in their beer garden.

Solar Solution

Good Energy Solutions evaluated the building and determined that an ideal solution would be a LUMOS solar array canopy that would double as a covered seating area for their customers in the backyard beer garden.  In addition to the utlity rebate for solar, the owners would be able to take full advantage of the 30% Federal ITC Solar Tax Credit by installing in 2019.


Quick Facts

Size of System Size of System: 26.1kW
Installation Type Installation Type: Solar Canopy
Number of Panels Number of Panels: 90 LUMOS LSX 290
Estimated Annual Output Actual Annual Output: 31,410kWh


Customer Benefit

Solar saves Brewery Emperial approximately $3,000 per year in electricity costs. Because of utility rebates and tax credit the owners were able to reduce the cost of their system and structure by nearly $65,525.  Lastly, the structure provides an expansion in seating space allowing more opportunity for increased business. By choosing to weatherproff the Lumos Solar Canopy customers are able to enjoy sitting outside even when it is raining.

LUMOS Solar Canopy

The Lumos Solar Canopy is a revolutionary frameless solar module system that bridges the gap between architecture and energy production. The integrated design of the module and mounting rail results in unparalleled aesthetics and functionality.

The unique features, such as the through-bolt mounting design and integrated wireway provide a clean installation that is weatherproofed.

Solar Canopy at Brewery Emperial by Good Energy Solutions

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