Spur Ridge Vet Hospital 30kW Solar PV System – Marion, Kansas

Spur Ridge Animal Hospital Solar Array



In early 2015 Brendan Kraus, veterinarian & energy buff, wanted to turn his practice into a net-zero facility. After reviewing the options, he decided to use solar to achieve this goal.

The Solution

Working with Good Energy Solutions, Spur Ridge Vet Hospital was able to make use of the nearby land by installing a ground-mount solar array. The 30 kW array consists of 98 panels.

Customer Benefit

Solar now offsets 100% of the vet hospital’s electricity needs, saving them $5,600/year in electricity costs. The switch to solar also helps Spur Ridge Vet Hospital fulfill part of their larger sustainability strategy to minimize their environmental footprint.

Quick Facts

Size of System Size of System: 30kW
Installation Type Installation Type: Ground Mount
Number of Panels Number of Panels: 98
Estimated Annual Output Estmated Annual Output: 44,000kWh
Number of Lamps Number of Lamps: 219 LEDs


LED Solution

After going solar, the vet hospital built an addition and their electricity usage began to outpace their solar production. With the added loads, solar was offsetting about 85% of usage. Brendan called Good Energy Solutions to add more solar to the existing array. After reviewing the hospital’s bills, Good Energy Solutions recommended an LED lighting upgrade. The LED lights were able to cut the lighting load in half, enough to return to 100% offset by solar.

Customer Benefit

LED lighting is a low cost way to reduce electricity usage. In addition to reducing electricity usage, LED lights require less maintenance because they last longer than fluorescents. Good Energy Solutions believes that applying multiple solutions, such as Solar + LED, is the best way to reduce electricity bills.

“We began to consider alternative energy a few years ago as we struggled watching our electric bill ballooning due to growth of the business as well as increases in the local energy rates. We sized a solar field for 90% of our projected usage and installed it with help from a federal tax credit. The solar was easy, maintenance free, and produced exactly what the engineers projected. However, as our energy needs continued to grow, we realized we were only covering about 75% of our needs, and since it was nice to see the city bill reduced so much, we wanted to see about covering the remaining usage. Good Energy Solutions proposed that we change out our fluorescent bulbs for LED’s. We had about 200 modern fluorescent bulbs, and hadn’t really considered them as a large energy user. We have a real time electric meter that logs our usage and production, and noticed the day after the LED install that the base usage had dropped significantly. Although it’s only been a few months, we project that almost all of our yearly electric needs are now being met by the solar system. With a 7-8 year projected breakeven on the entire project, and a 20-30 year life, this system should make us a nice return. Plus, it feels good to see the electric bill drop from over $500 a month to just a few dollars.” — Brandan Kraus. Veterinarian, Owner

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