SunPower Commercial Solar Array at Mastercard KC, Missouri

Solar Panel Array at Mastercard in Kansas City, Missouri

Good Energy Solutions Installs Solar at Mastercard facility in Kansas City, Missouri.


Mastercard was looking for a way to reduce energy costs and wanted to take advantage of utility rebates offered in Missouri as well as the Solar Federal Tax Credit available in 2019.

Solar Solution

Working with Staco Electric, Good Energy Solutions assessed and evaluated the feasibility of solar and proposed a DC installation for this 922.2 kW-DC solar farm. Considerations involved energy consumption, land space, direction of the panels to sun and shading. Mastercard chose SunPower E20-series panels for the price point and value of longevity over other commercial solar panels on the market. With the SunPower solar arrays designed by Good Energy Solutions, Mastercard can expect to generate approximately 1,400,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year. That is enough power to approximately power 120 houses a year.  Mastercard will save nearly $84,000 in electricity costs yearly.


Quick Facts:

Size of System Size of System: 922.2 kW
Installation Type Installation Type: Ground Mount
Number of Panels Number of Panels: 2120 (430W) E20-Series
Estimated Annual Output Estimated Annual Output: 1,400,000 kWh


Customer Benefit

A SunPower solar energy system is the perfect solar solution for customers that are interested in longevity and the long-term investment value of SunPower solar panels. Additionally, solar panels make a visible statement to customers about a business’s commitment to sustainability and the earth.