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SunPower Solar for Your Home

Let's reduce your energy use and install a correctly sized solar energy system.

Good Energy Solutions Provides Home Solar Energy System Design and Installation in Kansas and Missouri. Elite Dealer of SunPower, the Most Efficient Solar Panels on the Market.

Are you tired of your energy bills climbing higher and higher? We have the solution.

Solar panels are a home investment that increase your property value* and create big savings on expensive electric bills that continue to climb higher each year. Good Energy Solutions can offer you the best solar equipment on the market and offer you the longest warranties (read about SunPower's 25-Year Complete Confidence Warranty) because we are an Elite Dealer of SunPower – The only SunPower Elite Dealer in Kansas and Missouri. Plus, we can help reduce your energy use and design and install a solar energy or solar/wind hybrid energy system that creates only the energy you need. Learn More about SunPower Solar. (*Berkeley Lab Study)


Residential SunPower Home Solar Installation by Good Energy Solutions

What is the Cost of Solar for My Home?

This is the question that everyone wants answered. And, because home owners have different goals and interests the answer is not the same for everyone. Our experienced representatives can help you determine how much solar you really need based on your energy use, goals and budget. We can then custom design your solar energy system tailored to meet your need. We pledge to never oversell so you don't over generate. The Cost of Solar is based upon:

  1. How much electricity do you want to generate? (If you reduce your energy use first, then you don't need to generate as much energy - and you don't need to purchase as much solar)
  2. Quality of solar equipment and warranty. Not all solar is created equal. When comparing the cost of solar panels be sure to consider the solar panels performance. A cheaper solar panel (less cost per kW) in the beginning of the solar panels lifetime will probably not produce the same amount of energy ten years down the road. If you are financing your solar you most likely will end up paying more for those kW hours generated in year 10 than you do in year 1. Higher quality solar panels, like the solar panels from SunPower, cost a little more up front, but their guaranteed 25 year performance warranty means better future generation and a better return on your investment. Also, because SunPower solar modules are more efficient and generate more energy than conventional solar panels, it is likely that you will need to purchase fewer Sunpower modules. Remember, it's not just comparing price per watt, it's comparing price for performance and warranty. Read more about comparing solar PV bids.

Solar Energy Systems, Own vs. Lease.

A lease sounds like a great alternative for those who would like a system on their home immediately, but do not have the financial resources. We at Good Energy Solutions want to make sure customers understand the pros and cons of the lease option before you sign on the dotted line. Read about Solar Lease programs and other Frequently Asked Questions about Solar.

If a homeowner chooses to purchase a system they are eligible for a 30% tax credit and the right to choose the components. Components make all the difference when designing for maximum efficiency and on-line monitoring capabilities. Plus, a purchased system can be customized for future expansion. Solar PV also increases your property value, a leased system does not. Solar PV may be financed through Fannie Mae.

HERO is a good financing option for many homeowners. What is HERO? HERO is a local government-approved program that makes energy-efficient and water-saving home upgrades affordable for homeowners. HERO offers 100% financing up to your approved amount, and payments are made along with your proerty taxes -- and you repay the full amount over time. Please contact the HERO Program to see if you qualify, or watch this video to learn more about the HERO Program. Good Energy Solutions is a HERO Registered Contractor.



How To Get Started Installing Solar On Your Home:

Let's Talk

Let's Talk.

A Good Energy Solutions representative will meet with you, review your bills, and determine the best solar energy system to meet your needs. We can provide the most efficient, durable solar panels on the market. Plus, we offer the longest warranties so your ENTIRE system is covered for 25 years, not just the panels. Let us show you how to reduce your energy use so you only buy the solar you need.
Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started.

Once you give us the OK, we will handle every part of the installation. Our experienced team will take care of all the paper work including permits, inspections, and interconnection agreements so you can relax.
Concerned About Financing?

Concerned about Financing?

We can find easy and affordable financing for your solar energy system. We want you to reap the benefits of owning your system - including Tax Credits and Increased Property Value.
You're Covered Today and Tomorrow

You’re Covered Today and Tomorrow.

We will do everything to get your system up and running including paperwork, installation, testing, and clean-up. Plus, our long term full-service warranty means that we’ve got you covered longer than most installers.
You're Part of the Solution

You’re “Part of the Solution!"

All systems are monitored and the easy to use software allows you to see your energy production and energy consumption in real-time. Partner with Good Energy Solutions to start seeing savings almost immediately and to contribute toward a cleaner world!


We can help you identify areas in which you can reduce wasteful electrical usage so you only buy the solar you really need.

As your Energy Partner, Good Energy Solutions can perform an Energy Audit to determine which energy efficiences will have the most impact on reducing your energy use.
• Low energy LED lighting
• Efficient Insulation
• Simple changes in your everyday lifestyle.
• Neurio Home Energy Monitor. Monitor Energy Use in Real-Time (Neurio Monitors can be added to existing Solar Installations) Read More about Neurio Home Energy Monitors.

Every SunPower Solar Energy System Installed by Good Energy Solutions comes with Sunpower's monitoring system that monitors solar generation as well as your energy consumption in real-time.


Experienced. Quality Solar Electric and Solar Thermal Installation by Good Energy Solutions since 2007.

Take a look at some of our completed residential home solar energy installations and reviews from customers that have already invested in their energy future.


Become "Part Of The Solution" with Good Energy Solutions.

Contact Good Energy Solutions to speak with a Representative. Let's start reducing your energy use and creating your own clean energy today.


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Good Energy Solutions, Inc. is a full service energy partner that is able to provide comprehensive consulting and services in electrical, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management in the central US region. Founded in 2007, Good Energy Solutions has earned a reputation of reliable service, expertise, and quality through commercial and residential installations of Solar and Wind. Good Energy Solutions is "Energy with Integrity". Read More about our team, mission, history, and commitment to quality.

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