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Good Energy Solutions offers a variety of services to help you reduce your energy costs and power your home or business.

Consultation: We provide consulting services to analyze your energy needs and usage patterns

We have a broad and extensive knowledge of renewable energy systems and the implementation of them. It is our job to stay up on the incredibly large amount of information available to make a good decision when considering options.

You must consider your energy loads, your natural resources, your cost of fossil fuels, your available incentives, your building specifications, and your financial resources to make an informed decision for your unique situation. We can help you determine if your home or business would best benefit from SolarWindEnergy Management SystemEnergy MonitoringLEDsEnergy StorageEfficiencies including HVAC, etc.

Our goal is to supply our customers with the best solution for their needs. We can help companies, farms, communities, schools, etc. make knowledgeable decisions about reducing their use of fossil fuels and lowering their utility bills. It may be best to start with an Energy Audit to determine where to start, and we can help with that as well.

Energy Auditing: We can audit your building to pinpoint options for efficiency measures and equipment retrofits

A very good place to start when making decisions about renewable energy is having your building or home energy audited. We can find the specifics of your building that might need attention to reduce the wasted energy lost through the building’s envelope or through inefficient construction components or appliances. Making a few simple adjustments to your building might reduce your energy demands dramatically.

After reducing your energy demands, a renewable energy system can be sized smaller to cover the same percentage of your energy loads, or the same sized system will cover a larger percentage of your newly reduced loads.

Give us a call, email us, or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment for an energy audit.

Design and Engineering: We provide design and engineering services for solar energy, system installation, and energy efficiency measures

Once you decide to move forward on a solar energy system or energy storage system, as engineers, we have the capability to design the most appropriate and efficient system for your application. Virtually every project will require customization to fit the building. We have years of experience in energy systems and have many resources to draw upon for designing unique projects.

We have NABCEP certified designers and licensed engineers on staff to provide customized code compliant efficient solar electric designs that will stand the test of time. Read more about Solar Design and Installation by Good Energy Solutions.

Installation: As a licensed building contractor we can get our projects permitted and installed seamlessly

Our decades of construction experience give us a leg up when it comes to implementing a renewable energy system including solar energy. We bring our hands on installation experience together with our licensed electricians to integrate our projects seamlessly into your building. As a licensed contractor we do most of our own work to keep our quality standards at the highest level. See some of solar installations for residential home customers and commercial business customers. See Solar Energy Installations in Kansas.

In-House licensed Master Electricians and Electrical Contractors offer quality control and seamless permitting and installation

Our decades of electrical experience give us the ability to handle any electrical job, big or small. From Megawatt Commercial Solar Systems to residential electrical wiring we’ve got you covered. Because we can pull our own permits we are able to offer seamless installation and guaranteed quality control. Learn more about our Electrical Division at Good Energy Solutions here. Good Energy Solutions has the team to be your home electrician or industrial and commercial electrician

Give us a call, email us, or fill our our contact form to set up an appointment for electrical service.

Warranties and Service Contracts: Once a system is commissioned, we will keep it running for decades to come with our long warranties and service contracts

We install our own designs and specify high quality equipment. We know that our systems will work, so we carry long warranties. As an SunPower Elite Dealer we can offer solar panels that have the longest warranties on the market.

For large projects we can service the systems over their lifetime. We install long lasting systems that make our customers happy. Some systems require virtually no maintenance, but others should be serviced on a regular schedule. If you are interested in a service contract, we would be happy to maintain your system for its lifetime.

Repair and Re-purposing: We rescue customers that have been left with improperly installed or serviced systems and we can find a new home for old or obsolete systems

A substantial part of our business comes from frustrated customers that have been left with no support from other solar and wind installers. We take pride in helping these people fix their broken or improperly installed system. In some cases, we can find new homes for solar systems that are now shaded or haven’t been used for any reason. We thrive on customer referrals and know that our support of these systems will keep our industry strong. We’re in this for the long haul. Give us a call, email us, or fill our our contact form if you are in need of a repair or electrical service.

Quality Equipment: Solar, LEDs, and Efficiencies

As an Elite Dealer for SunPower Solar Modules we are able to offer quality equipment to our customers. Proven commitment to quality must be established in order to become an Elite Dealer and we are proud to have been recognized by SunPower as the only SunPower Elite dealer in Kansas and Missouri.

We are also established with a manufacturer of quality LEDs. Longer burn time than other LEDs means less maintenance and reduction in HVAC costs.

Give us a call, email us, or fill our our contact form if you are interested in quality solar installations or would like to learn more about the differences in LEDs and how they can effect your companies bottom line.