Good Energy Solutions has had a busy summer installing commercial and residential Solar in Kansas and Missouri.

The following residential solar power systems provide electricity from the sun and reduce the homeowners monthly utility bill.  Even with the rising costs of utility electrical rates these homeowners are noticing a tremendous reduction in the cost of their electric utility bills.

1) This 14.388kW Ground Mount Solar System using SunPower Solar Modules is located near Wichita, Kansas. 

This large family with high electric bills, located in Kechi, KS (north of Wichita) chose SunPower’s quality because they plan on being in their home indefinitely and like the long term product warranty that only SunPower offers. SunPower Modules are more expensive up front but studies show that over time SunPower Modules are more efficient and actually end up costing less for their solar production. Read more about SunPower… The array consists of 44 SunPower Solar Modules.

SunPower Solar Installation in Kansas

14.388kW Ground Mount SunPower Solar Array Installed by Good Energy Solutions is Located in Wichita, Kansas

2) This 11.02kW Solar Panel System is located in Emporia, Kansas.

This grid-tied ground mount solar array consists of 38 solar panels and a backup natural gas generator. The owner has been serving our country in the military for decades, and is now relocating and retiring in Kansas to be near family. He and his wife may decide to go “off-grid” someday and be independent of the utility.

Solar Array built by Good Energy Solutions in Emporia Kansas

38 Solar Panels Make Up This Ground Mount Solar Array in Emporia, Kansas

3. This 5.22kW Solar Panel system is located in De Soto, Kansas.

This system consists of two roof-top arrays. One is mounted on the homeowners beautiful “solar support structure” they built over their new deck and grilling/eating area. The homeowners love to entertain family and chose good quality/cost value modules to fit their budget. The other modules sit on a backyard shed.

Roof Mounted Solar Array by Good Energy Solutions

Solar Panels on Existing Deck Roof in De Soto, KS


Solar Panels on Existing Backyard Shed in De Soto, KS


To see more of our custom residential solar systems visit our website. We look forward to helping you reduce your energy use and designing a solar pv system that fits your needs and your budget. Give us a call! (800) 554-9182