Solar Powered Sign for Good Energy Solutions

The Good Energy Solutions Sign uses Solar Energy Stored in our On-site Battery.

The Good Energy Solutions sun logo shines bright even at night due to the energy stored in our on-site battery.

We save money every night by using energy collected from the sun by our 10.9 kW solar array instead of drawing power from the electric company.

Battery storage is the alternative to net-metering. Instead of “selling” energy back to the utility company at a lower rate and purchasing energy at the higher rate; owners of a battery system save their generated power for later use. With enough battery storage capability a customer could eliminate the need of power from a utility company all together, becoming “off-grid.”

We have installed and are currently testing a variety of the latest battery technologies at Good Energy Solutions. We want to provide optimal systems to our customers when the scale of manufacturing makes batteries a viable return on investment.

Our technical interest and commitment to the future development in the market enable us to provide the best equipment for our customers. We know that battery technology is becoming more affordable and more refined. Developments in design enable batteries to fit discretely into a space and eliminates the need to create additional space for storage.


Solar Array at Good Energy Solutions

The Solar Array at Good Energy Solutions  collects energy that powers our signs and provides shelter for employees cars.