30kW Solar Power System, a solar powered vet.

Ground Mount Solar Powered Array at Spur Ridge Vet Hospital

The Solar Powered Vet or Spur Ridge Vet Hospital located in Marion, KS is creating it’s own electricity from the sun.

This 40′ x 60′ 30kW ground mount solar array consists of 98 modules and is grid-connected. Good Energy Solutions is pleased to have partnered with BTI Energy out Greensburg, KS to install this solar pv system. And the vet hospital is now solar powered.

To see more commercial solar pv systems installed by Good Energy Solutions please visit www.goodenergysolutions.com/commercialcase.html.

UDATE: Since the completed date of installation in January of 2015, this commercial solar electric system has generated 58.7MWh of energy, 31.11tons of Carbon offset as of today’s date in April of 2016.