Solar Info Display at Mother Earth News FairWe had a great time visiting with folks at the Mother Earth News Fair last weekend. Two frequently asked solar questions were:

1.) When does the (solar) tax credit expire?

Answer: The 30% tax credit is set to expire the end of 2016, unless congress revisits the provision. The solar tax credit is claimed for the tax year that the system is installed and approved to operate. To be safe, it is best to use the date that the utility interconnection occurs, not just the date the installation finishes. (The interconnection inspection by the utility authorizes the system to be turned on and start generating electricity.)

2) Question: How big of a solar system do I need?

Answer: It’s important to avoid “over-sizing” your solar array if you are interested in getting the best return on investment. The goal is to avoid over-production in the monthly billing period, based on the solar net-metering laws in KS and MO (kWh used vs. kWh produced are reconciled at the end of the month). A basic rule of thumb is to figure out how much solar is needed to completely eliminate your annual utility bill, and then reduce the array size by ~20%. If you heat with electricity, then reduce your array size by ~40%.

Please don’t wait to take advantage of the federal tax credit. Now is the time to get started on that Solar Installation you have been thinking about for your home or business. Contact Good Energy Solutions.

Good Energy Solutions at the Mother Earth News Fair discusses solar

Good Energy Solutions at The Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka, KS