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Custom Solar Electric Power for Your Home or Business in Kansas and Missouri

Residential Home Solar Electric Power

Residential Solar Installation by Good Energy Solutions

At Good Energy Solutions it’s important to us to provide you, the homeowner a customized approach that is tailored specifically to you and your needs. With a Solar Electric PV system you can:

  1. Lower your electric bills – Our solar electric pv systems can offset every bit of your homes electrical usage, or you can come in at a comfortable price point and approach your energy investment in stages as you dictate.
  2. Increase the value of your home with a solar power electric system – Each $1 of annual energy production typically accounts for a $20 increase in your home’s value.
  3. Reduce your impact on the environment – Harnessing a free and readily available source of energy is a no-brainer. Our solar power energy systems also allow you to track your energy production so you know exactly how much impact you are having on the environment, and just as important, your wallet.

We are comprised of engineers and craftsmen alike. Because we are an SunPower Elite Dealer we are able to warranty our home solar electric systems for 25 years. We stand by our work ensuring you piece of mind and a completely satisfying experience as your own energy producer. Rest assured your solar electric energy system will be designed to the highest standards, and we guarantee our work longer than our competitors; insuring that your energy investment will be working as intended for many years to come. We guarantee it.

Electric utility rates aren’t getting any cheaper, so be proactive and start producing your own electricity today. Good Energy Solutions handles all permitting and paperwork so you can focus on your daily life. Prices have come down recently, so if you’ve priced a solar pv system before, it’s time to look again! Take a look at case studies and customer reviews of some of our residential home solar customers. Or, some of our most recent solar installations in Kansas including commercial and residential home as well as solar installations in Missouri.

Kansas Residential Solar PV System by Good Energy SolutionsGood Energy Solutions Missouri Residential Solar PV installation with an Electric Car 


Commerical Solar Electric Power

Good Energy Solutions Missouri Residential Solar PV installation with an Electric Car

Adding a solar pv system to your business makes good business since. Here’s why:

  1. Federal incentives are available for your business that make good sense for acting sooner rather than later.
  2. An investment in a Good Energy Solutions solar energy system is an investment in your businesses’ future.
  3. Good Energy Solutions warranties and will service all our energy systems. You can rest assured your solar pv system will produce optimal power and superior efficiency for the long life of the investment.
  4. “Green is Good”- investing in the future of both your company as well as the environment makes a powerful statement to your customers. Not only are you showing customers your commitment to your business, but also to their health and their families’ health. A solar array provides a ‘green’ billboard for your company that requires no words.
  5. Industrial facilities are a hot bed of energy waste. Good Energy Solutions is able to identify areas in which your business is wasting money needlessly and provide solutions such as: high efficiency HVAC systems, LED lighting, solar electric and thermal systems and wind energy systems in addition to technologies like co-generation, biogas, and biomass systems.
  6. Commercial farms can benefit from state and federal incentives, including USDA grants intended for customer-generated power.


When you combine energy efficiencies with a solar electric system your business could actually spend less money than you currently do on your energy and power!

Click here to learn how you can start saving with solar and efficiencies today.

Take a look at case studies and customer reviews of some of our Commercial Solar customers.


Our Dedication to Quality

We are engineers and craftsmen designing for efficiency and installing with aesthetics and longevity in mind. Because of our installation quality, and customer service we were selected be a SunPower Elite Dealer. We install SunPower’s to solar energy panels and equipment – the highest quality and most reliable solar equipment available. It’s important to know that we take pride and care of all of our solar installations to bring you complete satisfaction. Our background is in engineering, construction, and manufacturing so our solar designs and installations are seamless.

Good Energy Solutions is a 2020 Top Solar Contractor

Solar Power World, the industry’s leading business-to-business publication included Good Energy Solutions among the Top Solar Contractors list for 2015-2020. It is the most recognized annual listing of North America’s top solar contractors. Read more about the award…

A lease may be the answer for some homeowners, but definitely not for all. Understand the pros and cons of the lease option before you sign. Learn More…

Solar Lease is a popular question, read other Frequently Asked Questions about solar and renewable energy systems.

Currently there is a 26% Federal Tax Credit available for Solar PV projects. We do all fo the paperwork for you so it’s also free of hassel! To see which state incentive programs for which you qualify visit here.

Good Energy Solutions has a range of financing options that allow our customers to pay for their systems over time. Solar PV systems are bankable, long term investments that increase the property value on your home.

We also have an option for an equipment lease that allows business owners to still claim their tax incentives while spreading the cost of the system over a 5 or 7 year term. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Financing is also available for energy efficiency repairs or installations. Please ask a Good Energy Solutions representative for details.

Good Energy Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the most efficient and reliable systems available. We back our installs with a warranty unsurpassed by others and will be there for you when you need it. Rest assured our solar pv systems will produce exactly what we design them to produce, providing you peace of mind to focus on what’s important in your daily life.