Good Energy Solutions has begun construction on the largest privately held solar array in Kansas, for BOLD LLC of Hutchinson.

Solar Array in Kansas and Racking at Bold LLC

The largest solar array in Kansas will sit on top of BOLD’s Hutchinson warehouse.

The largest solar array in Kansas is comprised of 768 Winaico 260 watt solar modules, each sitting in its own Renusol plastic racking tray at a 15 degree tilt angle. The system employs 4 Fronius CL 44.4 Delta inverters and will be capable of producing 200 kilowatts(kW) of electrical power and will generate about 260,000 kilowatt-hours(kWhs) of usable electricity per year, which is equivalent to that needed to run 25 average homes.  We estimate that this array saves the company around $27,000 a year on electricity costs.

solar array in kansas solar panels

The owner, Bob Peel, saw the value of locking in the cost of his electricity for the long term and creating a revenue stream on his large flat roof.  The system will also help shade the roof of the warehouse from the hot Hutchinson sunshine during the summer, effectively lowering his space conditioning loads.  The combination of rising utility costs, lower solar prices, and available tax incentives have come together to make solar a good return on investment for business owners.

UPDATE: Listen to the interview of Bob Peel on Good Energy Solutions Website.