Solar + Efficiencies = $$$What if you could save your business or municipality money by reducing energy use and creating your own energy at the same time? What if you could do it with no money down right from the start? Now you can. Good Energy Solutions would like to introduce the Solar Plus Program.

The Solar Plus program enables businesses and municipalities to finance solar pv systems along with efficiencies together in a long-term lease or loan.

No money down allows immediate installation of efficiencies that slash energy and maintenance costs while combining solar power to improve your cash flow up front. Efficiencies that can actually reduce your energy use include:

• LEDs

• Battery Energy Storage and Demand Response Systems that reduce Demand Charges

• Efficient Pump and Motor Replacements

• Efficient HVAC systems

• Insulation

Solar Plus Program Graph

In 25 years, over $2.3 million is saved with no capital expense while showing a commitment to sustainability.

This graph is a cash flow analysis for a 100kW Solar PV System with 400 LED replacements of 400 Watt Metal Halide Bulbs. It is based on a 25 year, 5% finance package with $0 down. A 10 year full parts and labor service contract is included with extensions to 15, 20, or 25 years available. A projected 6% annual utility rate increase has been modeled into the analysis. (Results may vary with rate structures and project scale)

Because the Solar Plus Program comes with a 10 year full parts and labor service contract; you are assured that you will pay much less for energy the next ten years than what you spent on energy the last decade. How much revenue can we help you create? Let us evaluate your energy needs and show how you can create revenue from the start with the Solar Plus Program. Contact Good Energy Solutions.